Sabrina Carpenter can rock any makeup look — like, she seriously looks amazing when going for an all-natural look or literal circus makeup that she wore in her music video, “because i liked a boy.” And if there’s anything more impressive than Sabrina’s iconic makeup looks, it’s her barefaced beauty. Scroll down to see all the times she ditched the makeup products!

In an August 2020 interview with Vogue, Sabrina showed off her skincare and makeup routine. “To wake up my skin and get the blood plumping and flowing, I like to do a little ice cube facial,” she said of her loyal DIY hack. “This is just something I’ve always taken with me, because ice cubes are pretty easy to find, so it’s something I can always count to be there if I don’t have anything else.”

The Girl Meets World actress also spoke about her own experience and relationship with makeup while growing up. “I started wearing makeup from a very young age because I was in dance recitals my whole life basically, with my sisters,” she explained. “My mom was a dancer growing up, so she taught us how to do stage makeup. So, I started wearing a lot of makeup and over the years I’ve kind of progressed into working with different makeup artists that I work with and love, and I think that’s how I kind of been able to find my staple routine and what works for me really well.”

“There’s been days where I don’t have much to do and I’ll just come down to the kitchen with a full face of makeup … just to feel alive today,” said the Work It actress. Sounds like makeup is therapeutic to the actress!

Sabrina spoke about the hardest part about growing up on camera in an interview with British GQ in February 2022. “It’s a shame I had to go through puberty in such a public way. People have such proof. On those Lost In History Twitter and Instagram accounts there’s like one recurring picture of Princess Diana, but with me they have pictures of me on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. I don’t love that, and while I’m very grateful of what I do, I would love to change that.”

Scroll through our gallery to see all the times Sabrina ditched makeup and rocked her bare face instead.

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