Slam the (elevator) door! Sabrina Carpenter just debuted an adorably bloody music video for her song “Feather” just in time for Halloween — and it stars fellow Disney star, Milo Manheim.

Keep reading for details on the video, if this is the first time the two former Disney actors have worked together and more!

Sabrina Carpenter ‘Feather’ Music Video Starring Milo Manheim: Details

“Feather” was released on October 31, 2023, months after the song’s original release earlier this year.

In the video, Sabrina is hit on and followed by multiple men who all meet tragic endings — Milo, included. First, three men follow Sabrina on a neighborhood street attempting to get her attention as she listens to music, up until the boys are run over by a truck. Next, a room full of “gym bros” attempt to show off in front of the Girl Meets World actress until they literally fight to the death.

Finally, Milo appears in an elevator scene with Sabrina — and he initially seems like the only good guy we’ve seen in this video — until he takes a photo of her butt. Shortly after, Sabrina drags him by his tie which gets “accidentally” caught by the closing elevator door, leading to his death. Oops!

Sabrina released the deluxe version of her 2022 emails i can’t send album in March 2023, and explained why she decided to add more songs during an interview with Glamour.

“I’m very nervous about the deluxe,” she began. “If I didn’t have any more songs on the album, I would’ve been fine. But there were these few select, really special songs that obviously didn’t make the album. And there’s that feeling where you go back, and you’re like, ‘Oh, what if they were supposed to be part of the story?’ And they fit this chapter in my life still. The themes of the songs still feel very nostalgic to me. So I’m excited! I don’t know what the fans will think, but if they like Emails I Can’t Send, they’ll definitely like the deluxe edition.”

Are Sabrina Carpenter and Milo Manheim Friends?

It appears that the two are definitely friendly, but it’s unclear when they met exactly. As they’re both “Disney kids,” it’s likely that they’ve met years prior to their “Feather” collab.

Milo, who is best known for his role as Zedd in Disney+’s ZOMBIES franchise, posted multiple photos of himself while on the set for “Feather” prior to the video’s drop, with several including the blonde-haired songstress herself!

“FEATHER VID 2NITE,” he wrote as his Instagram caption.

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