Ever since the news broke that Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre Sacasa was working on a new Sabrina the Teenage Witch show, we couldn't help wondering who would be cast. Will the Archie Comics team go for some fresh new faces like they did with Riverdale? Will they bring back a Disney Channel fave? And, most importantly, will we still get a talking cat named Salem? Okay, that last one isn't actually the most important (though it is still pretty important). What we really need to know is who's going to be playing the teenage witch herself.

Dove Cameron has long been campaigning for the role ever since it was rumored that Sabrina might be making a cameo with Archie, Betty, Veronica, and the rest of the gang. But she's not the only viable option — and we've got some ideas of our own. We went through a mental catalogue of some of our favorite actresses to see who might be a good fit for the part. And then, just because it was worth going the extra mile, we mocked up some posters.

Since the show is from the same creators as Riverdale, we kept the woodsy, dark atmosphere in place. There's magic in the air there, you know. The rumor right now is that the show will be called The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, like the comics it's based on. But for the purpose of these posters, we decided to follow the Riverdale naming scheme (and the creator's Twitter hashtag), and title the new Sabrina show Greendale. It just seemed right. Check out our mockups below to see who we think would be perfect for the role of Sabrina Spellman.

Dove Cameron

sabrina the teenage witch cast - dove cameron

You know we had to. Like we said, Dove's been pretty outspoken about wanting the role — and she totally has the looks to pull it off, especially with her newly-found gothic vibe. We could totally see her hanging out with a black cat, casting spells, and getting into some serious trouble. Add a black headband to her hairstyle here and you've pretty much got the girl in the comic book art.

Olivia Holt

sabrina the teenage witch cast - olivia holt

Olivia Holt also has the look down pat. We see her as a slightly lighter version of the teenage witch, but still able to pull off the drama sure to come with the role. After all, The CW is nothing if not good for drama. And after starring in I Didn't Do It, she's got the hijinx experience necessary.

Paris Smith

sabrina the teenage witch cast - paris smith

Paris Smith from Nickelodeon's hit series Every Witch Way already knows what it's like to get witchy. Not only does she have the blonde locks, she also already knows how to act against some CGI magic. Whether it's charms gone wrong or curses gone horribly right, she knows how to bring a spell alive on screen. Plus, she'd definitely know how to bring some fun to every scene.

Selena Gomez

sabrina the teenage witch cast - selena gomez

Aside from the fact that we're desperate for Selena Gomez to rejoin the acting world, we also think she'd make an amazing Sabrina. Sure, she's no blonde — but who says Sabrina's looks can't change a little in the adaptation? It's not like you need to be blonde to be a witch or a teenager — and Selena's already been both. Okay, so she's been a wizard technically… but we think she could bridge the gap.

Melissa Joan Hart

sabrina the teenage witch cast - melissa joan hart

If the show does end up being called Greendale, who says Sabrina will be a teenage witch at all? And after starring in the original show from 1996-2003, Melissa Joan Hart will always be Sabrina Spellman to us. The show probably won't go this direction. But a girl can still hope, right?

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