Sam Pottorff and his girlfriend Rosa van Iterson have announced they are engaged! The ex-O2L singer posted a video to his YouTube account with the title "I Got Engaged!" and his now fiancée joined him to share the good news with his viewers.

"Recently we got engaged," Sam said. "And pretty much the people that we have told all of them have been very supportive. Some of them were like 'You guys are too young. Isn't it fast?'"

Sam is 20 years old and the actress is 24, but they said that they know plenty of couple who married young and are happy and that there is no one else that could be a better fit for them than each other. When you know, you know!

Sam bought the simple ring on Etsy and had it custom made for her because her finger is "tiny." The couple who has been dating for about six months got engaged with a quiet proposal at home, and are aiming for a 2017 wedding.

We wish them the best of luck in their marriage!

Watch the entire video to see them explain first-hand everything about this magical moment and see their cutest pics below.

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