Sammi Sanchez's new single "Girls Talk" is infectious. Listen to it once, and you'll be singing along all day. The artist just dropped her music video for the track, and J-14 has all the deets! When we talked to the singer last week, she shared a hilarious behind-the-scenes secret from set. Sammi revealed that the hardest part was having to pretend that she hated her friend and co-star, Luke Bilyk.

"The guy in the video, Luke Bilyk, he's hilarious, so it was hard for me to fight with him because we're such good friends and we're really close. It was so hard to fight and be mad at him," she EXCLUSIVELY told us.

"We'd just be yelling the most random things, like yelling 'chicken' or yelling Drake lyrics, but being really angry in the car. It looks like we're fighting, but we're actually saying the most random things."

You never would have guessed from the video! It looks like they're actually yelling and fighting with each other.

Watch her music video below, and let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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