Saturdays is bringing a “nostalgic feel” back to Disney Channel! The series produced by Marsai Martin follows an all-girl skating crew called “We-Be-Girlz,” as they perform and compete at their local roller rink in Chicago. Premiering on Disney Channel and Disney+ on March 24 and 25, respectively, producer Marsai explained to J-14 exclusively that Saturdays “hits different” — and she teased a possible cameo!

Keep reading for J-14‘s exclusive interview with Marsai.

Why ‘Saturdays’ Hits Different For Marsai Martin

“What makes it special is that it kind of brings, well, for me, it kind of brings a nostalgic feel back [into TV],” Marsai told J-14 about the show.

Marsai, who is best known for her roles in black-ish, Fantasy Football and Little, compared Saturdays to the early 2000s Disney Channel shows that she watched while growing up in Dallas, Texas.

“I would watch That’s So Raven and Corey In the House, and being able to have those Black shows that everybody can relate to, but was also just genuinely funny [was important],” she explained.

The Texas native explained that she took those classic Disney shows for inspiration and “brought back” that feel with Saturdays “in a way where it’s different, but also modernized.”

The Fantasy Football actress revealed that the most “beautiful part” of Saturdays is that it’s “a feel good show” where you’re hearing from a young Black girl’s point of view, but “everybody can relate to it.”

“And I think it just hit different for me cause I was a part of it,” she said. “To be able to make a TV show just in general is such a big accomplishment.”

Marsai has a few more producing gigs in the works, but Saturdays is the first to be “out and about in the world,” she revealed.

“I’ve been enjoying being able to work with different directors and putting my ideas and creations to life, especially with writers as well because they have way more time to work on it,” she said on her work as a producer. 

Will Marsai Martin Make a Cameo in ‘Saturdays’?

When it comes to a possible Saturday cameo from the producer herself, Marsai told us that “maybe, just maybe” it’s possible.

“The world may never know,” she teased. “We shall see, we shall see.”

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