Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun has the tricky task of acting like a dad to his musical acts, and also being a dad to his son with Yael Cohen Braun, Jagger. He's obviously an amazing father, but he's struggled with some personal losses behind the scenes. In fact, Yael recently opened up on her new site, Motherlucker, about miscarrying her first child.

"It was painful and scary and we didn’t know what to do. So we went to the emergency room…In those 36 hours I convinced myself it was all ok a million times. Monday came and my sweet, sweet Doctor told me we’d lost our little love," she wrote.

She says that she didn't fully recover from losing her baby until she had her baby boy, JJ.

"Nothing made me feel better. But I did find calmness in the fact that our bodies are smarter than we are, and my body ended this pregnancy because something wasn’t right. I don’t think I ever fully healed until I had JJ, and could accept that without that deep guttural loss, I wouldn’t have my perfect little boy."

This is so heartfelt. She's so brave for opening up about her loss.

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