Madison Beer dropped her album Silence Between Songs in September 2023, and one of the tracks has people side-eyeing her ex-manager, Scooter Braun. The songstress teased who the track, “King of Everything,” is about on TikTok — and even Hailey Bieber, the wife of Scooter’s most famous client Justin Bieber, put in her two cents! Keep reading for everything we know.

Is Madison Beer’s Song ‘King of Everything’ About Scooter Braun?

Madison’s album was released Friday, September 15, which included the track “King of Everything.” The song talks about someone of power who has taken advantage of others around him.

“Look what you’ve done, taken advantage of people so young. Ridin’ the high road on everyone’s lows, oh easy come, easy go,” she sings in the chorus. “Thought the view from the top would be different, in this stone cold bed that you made. Now you sleep alone in it.”

The lyrics immediately sparked theories that Madison is singing about her former music manager, who just a few weeks ago was reportedly dropped by nearly all of his A-list clients, including Justin, Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande.

The “Reckless” songstress posted a TikTok poking fun at the rumors behind the song’s inspiration. “Who is king of everything about,” Madison captioned the video, using an audio of Lola Tung, saying, “Oh my goodness I love this question! Well, I think …”

Of course, viewers were quick to assume that Madison was hinting at her former manager, and even Hailey, wife of Scooter’s most famous and longterm client, weighed in her opinion in the comments section, writing, “Wellll IIIII THINKKK….”

ICYMI, Madison found instant fame when she was only 11 years old, after Justin tweeted a link to her cover of Etta James‘ “At Last,” speaking highly of her.

Soon after, Scooter became her manager and she signed a deal with the same record label as Justin, Island Records. She was later dropped by the company at only 16 years old. “I was always told, ‘Well, one day when you’re older, you’ll be able to make that stuff,'” she said in an interview with Rolling Stone in 2021. “But then I realized that I don’t need to be older to do it.”

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