With each passing day, it seems the normally private Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are getting more comfortable with putting their relationship out in the public eye.

Sel was just supporting her man on the European leg of his tour before she headed back home to relax for a bit, and the two just reunited in the “Starboy,” singer’s hometown of Toronto, Canada.

It was previously reported that the “Can't Feel My Face,” singer rented out a movie theater to enjoy a date night with Sel and his family. Obviously a major step was taken there if the “It Ain’t Me,” singer is already meeting her guy’s family.

During this time, Abelena has managed to keep a relatively low profile while out and about in Canada. Not a single picture of the two has been taken, until now. The couple was spotted out shopping, where they were extremely affectionate with one another and even wore matching black sweaters under their heavy winter jackets!

This isn't the first time they've matched or worn one another's clothing. If you guys remember correctly, Selena just last weekend wore The Weeknd's sweatshirt in one of her Instagram posts!

The two held hands, and The Weeknd even planted a kiss on Selena’s cheek with his arm wrapped around her as they walked around the city.

A source also revealed to People that the sudden displays of affection from the couple is pretty rare but shouldn’t be all that surprising, especially taking into consideration how much Sel cares for Abel.

“They’re not shy about showing affection in public, and that’s not how she usually is. She’s pretty private about relationships, but she really likes him and doesn’t feel the need to hide it,” the source said.

Seeing as how the two are slowly getting more and more comfortable with showing their affection towards one another, it wouldn’t be crazy to assume that soon enough – the two will share a picture of one another on social media that won’t disappear in a couple of hours.

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