Selena Gomez has gone and done it again. She has shocked the world and also started a conversation about a topic that is so prevalent and important in our society today. Of course, she did it all with music.

Today, the "Hands to Myself" singer released the music video for her new track "Bad Liar" which she had been teasing for a couple of days. The video takes place in what we would assume to be the 1970's where someone being open about their sexuality, and if they identify as gay or lesbian unfortunately wasn't as accepted as it is now. Knowing all of that, Selena brings the issue of sexuality to the forefront. She plays a character who goes through a normal day of high school – chemistry class, gym class, the works.

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However, throughout her day she spots her father flirting with one of the other teachers. It happens on multiple occasions. And while the video wants the audience to believe she's upset over his actions that go against the marriage to her mother, there's something else behind it.

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Selena's character is actually in love with the teacher that her dad has the hots for as well! The whole thing is super twisted but once fans get the message, it's pretty incredible. After executive producing 13 Reasons Why and now seeing this video, it seems like Selena is really pushing for her fans to have important conversations with their parents whether it be about their sexuality, about depression or really anything else that they might be scared to bring up.

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It's clear that she is trying to use her voice and the platform she has been given to reach out to her fans, especially the young fans who are easily molded, and tell them that whatever they are hiding can be talked about.

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The video is empowering. It will resonate with her much older fan base as it takes place a long time ago and it will connect with the younger viewers as Selena undoubtedly resembles her Wizards of Waverly Place character, Alex Russo. With long, dark, straight hair, rosy cheeks and a childish demeanor, Alex Russo is front and center.

But, with the Disney Channel days behind Selena, it's the conversation of sexuality and being open and honest that the world should really be talking about here in terms of the video. That and how freaking awesome the song is! Plus, Selena is playing multiple characters in the vid too, so props to her for being her amazing self, as always.

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