Selena Gomez has had a rather busy year and it looks like she's ending 2017 heading back to her roots. Literally. Girl has returned home in Texas reuniting with old friends, with her dark hair. Old Selena is back in action.

So let's start with the hair: basically, we've all been way too emotionally invested in Selena's on-going drama with Justin Bieber, from the claims she had an intense argument with her mom over the state of Jelena to rumors the pair is in couples therapy, to take note of anything else, really. Since their reunion came right on the heels of her split from The Weeknd, you can't blame us for being here sitting with our popcorn waiting for every update. But what was more shocking was when Sel showed up to the 2017 American Music Awards with bleached blonde hair, a look she's never really rocked before. We were all shook, in a good way since she looked amazing. Well, the blonde is already gone. Before the 'Wolves" singer headed out to Texas, she threw a surprise party for her BFF Petra Collins and Petra shared a pic of the girls on her Instagram story. And there we see Selena's dark hair is back, peaking out from under her cowboy hat.

selena gomez petra collins birthday party

So what about the blonde?! It was a ~moment~ and as we found out from Selena's hairstylist Riawna Capri on Instagram, the whole dying process took "9 hours, about 300 foils, and 8 bowls of bleach, all with 2 stylists working together simultaneously. It was a nice long patient process of baby fine slices, then going back and opening each foil and reapplying, but done in one sitting. Anything is possible in one day, it just takes time, no other clients ha, and patience to maintain the integrity of the hair." But alas, the blonde is dunzo and brunette Selena has re-emerged, which we also saw when she paid a visit to her childhood friend back in Texas. He posted a pic of the two of them chilling and jokingly wrote in the caption "With my girlfriend Selena Gomez ❤️❤️."

Clearly, they're not together since we all know Jelena is a thing again, and as her childhood bud was explaining in the comments section of this pic, he grew up with Selena.

selena gomez friend ig comment 1

He hadn't seen the songstress since they were around 12 years old, but she came for a visit and spent some time talking to his family and bonding with his grandma, even speaking candidly about her recent health struggles.

selena gomez friend ig comment 2

How sweet is that? And as we see in this photo of a fully relaxed Selena, her hair is super dark again. So she really is going back to her old self, reconnecting with who she really is right in time for the holidays. Good for you, girl.

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