Selena Gomez has been the victim to a lot of false rumors about her throughout her career, but the latest rumor involves her relationship with The Weeknd and his ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid. The latest report harms not just her, but other people, since they are saying that she is purposely trying to make the model jealous.

A report published by Radar Online is saying that a source told them that Selena is worried that the singer still has feelings for his ex, which is why she is openly showing off her romance on social media and taking trips together, and rubbing it in the model’s face.

“Selena is still hugely paranoid he still has feelings for Bella, so she wants to grind her into the dirt while the going’s good,” the source said.

Not only that, but the source is saying the “Good For You” singer wants to ruin any chance of them reuniting in the future.

“She figures that by rubbing Bella’s face in it and sending the message loud and clear that they’re together and in love, she’ll ruin any chance of them reuniting down the line,” the source said.

In perhaps the most hurtful part of the report, it is saying that Sel is not as in love with her boyfriend as she says and that she only using the relationship to get back “in the spotlight.”

“Selena insists she loves The Weeknd, but everyone knows the guy’s being used. She just wants to be back in the spotlight and hates being alone.”

This is not the first time Selena’s intentions in a relationship are questioned since she was once accused of using her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber for attention. Selena has had quite the success in both her acting and singing career, so it is pretty far-fetched to say that she is using any guy for attention. She has been acting from a young age and in the industry far longer than the men she has dated.

We doubt Selena purposely wants to hurt someone, especially Bella and hope that she truly is happy with the “Starboy” singer.


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