We hate to break it to you, but most young celebrity couples never end up withstanding the pressures of Hollywood, fame and crazy schedules. Obviously, that leads to the heartbreak of millions of shippers who really believed they'd see their particularly favorite duo walk down the aisle one day and maybe even have kids. Can you imagine what the world would be like if Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens decided to build a family together? Or Harry Styles and Taylor Swift? Or maybe even the closest we've seen so far, Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan?

There's no doubt about it. Their kids would be absolutely stunning. To be honest, we kind of just really needed to know what their little babies would look like straight down to the eye color. So, the editors at J-14 did a little investigative work and found a ridiculous website that will actually morph two faces together to create a baby! The baby is supposed to look like the child of the original two photos. No seriously, it's that easy to use and you could even do it yourself. (Don't pretend like you never wanted to see what you and your crush's future kid would look like.)

The website is called, www.morphthing.com, and we can't stop playing around with it. We've compiled a list of your favorite former couples and put their faces into the morphing machine. So, yes, we've now got all of the potential kids that could come from these ex-celebrity couples and we can't stop staring. Okay, yeah, some of them don't look anything like their parents.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

We predicted that Jelena would have a baby boy and his name would be Carl Jr. Bieber. Yes, these two would have decided to name their son after their pastor, Carl Lentz. The baby, Carl Jr., looks more like Justin, TBH. He would cry whenever his parents make him miss church on Sundays, would only eat pickles for his afternoon snack, and would absolutely hate the paparazzi. #NoPicturesPlease

jelena baby

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

We predicted that Zanessa would have a baby girl and they would name their daughter, Gabby Efron. Obviously, Gabby coming from Vanessa's character in High School Musical, Gabriella. Zac could never get over how beautiful it was so he decided the name needed to live on. Gabby would look absolutely nothing like either of them. Her favorite animal would be a wildcat, she would prefer Disney Channel over Nickelodeon, and her preschool peers wouldn't be able to stop drooling whenever her dad picked her up at the end of the day!

zanessa baby

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles

Kendall and Harry would definitely have a baby girl and her name would be KrisAnne Hendall Jenner Styles. You know how much they both love their moms, so this is the ultimate honor. KrisAnne would have features from both parents that are absolutely angelic. She would have already starred in, like, 30 Gerber baby commercials, her favorite outfit would be a retro Gucci baby menswear suit, and the only thing that would make her stop crying is when "Sign of the Times" is on repeat. Oh yeah, and she would hate that her middle name is Hendall.

kendall baby

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards

If Zayn and Perrie actually went through with their engagement, they would definitely have had a little boy running around. His name would be Bradford Malik because Zayn will never forget his roots. Bradford would like helping his dad cook traditional family meals including Yorkshire pudding in the kitchen, he would have dumped his preschool girlfriend through a game of telephone at circle time, and would have thrown a tantrum when his parents tell him he's still too young to audition for X-Factor.

zayn baby

Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan

Dove really wanted to stick with the bird theme for her daughter's name and Ryan agreed. Their daughter's name would be Cardinal McCartan and she would look a lot like Dove. Cardinal would have felt like she was a twin in another life, she would be super musically gifted, and she would tell all of her teachers at school that her name was actually something completely different.

dove ryan

Jake Paul and Alissa Violet

Jake and Alissa would have had a baby boy and his name would be Dab – no last name. Just Dab because Dab would dab on them haters all day long. He would giggle when his dad lit things on fire, he would wake the neighbors up with his piercing cry every night and he wouldn't wear anything else except Jake Paul merch. Dab would become the face of the Jake Pauler fandom, eventually surpassing his dad's social media followers.

jake paul baby

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas

Can you imagine if Demi and Joe had a baby?! Well, we predicted they would have a boy. His name would be Jemi Jonas because they both really like their names and couldn't agree on anything else. Jemi would be super cute. He would love playing with his cousins Alena and Valentina, he would love to stay cool in the summertime by hanging out in the air-conditioned tour bus while his parents would be on stage, and he would refuse to eat anything besides cake while they were on family trips to the ocean. Oh yeah, and Jemi would think Uncle Nick is the cool uncle.


Bella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin

Bella and Gregg would have had a baby girl named Electric Daisy Sulkin. Bella wouldn't be able to let go of her wild side and this is just an ode to the good old days. Electric Daisy wouldn't wear clothes unless she had a fishnet bodysuit on underneath, she wouldn't be anything else for Halloween besides a werewolf, and she'd tell her friends at preschool that her mom is letting her get her septum pierced when she's in kindergarten.

bella gregg

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd

Bella and The Weeknd would have named their daughter, Weekdy. She would have some really defining features that would make her look more like The Weeknd. Weekdy would be the first toddler to ever walk the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, she would want to own 50 horses, and she would volunteer her dad to sing at every 'Show and Tell' the class had. The teacher would get mad at the inappropriate lyrics.

the weeknd

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift

Haylor strikes again! These two would have had a baby girl if they stuck together. Her name would be Olivia Benson Styles – after Taylor's beloved cat, of course. Olivia would tell multiple boys in her preschool class she liked them, she would pick up a British accent from her dad because she would think it sounded more sophisticated, and she would be allergic to cats. Sorry, Taylor.

haylor baby

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