It’s been so long since Jelena has been an actual thing, but of course fans remember every little detail about all the good and bad that happened in the relationship.

Both Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have clearly moved on, and shown there is zero bad blood between the two, with the “Bad Liar” singer recently praising her ex for his participation in the One Love Manchester concert.

The kind words were enough to give diehard Jelena shippers all the feels, and what definitely sent everything into overdrive was the duet between the former couple finally leaking.

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It’s happened! After years of being teased and short clips of the song leaking online, the full-length demo version of track has finally made it’s way onto SoundCloud and it’s called “Can’t Steal Our Love.”

The title is more than enough to tell fans what inspired the song, and the lyrics give an even more in-depth look at all the ups and downs in the former couple’s relationship.

With lyrics like “I can't seem to hide from the lies / I can't disguise myself /
I've build these walls so high, and I can't climb myself.”

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“I can't seem to choose what to do / There's nothing I can say / I'm tired of the fight, 'cause I'm never right / I just wanna cry.”

It’s pretty obvious that this relationship had a lot of ups and downs, but they were able to not only find one another but also lean on each other for support. After all, no one was able to steal their love until they actually split!

Sadly this appears to be only a demo version of the song, and we’ll probably never know what the official song would have sounded like, but this should be more than enough to give fans all the feels about what could have been.

This isn't the first time that Jelena has worked on a song together. In 2015, a track called "Strong" leaked to the public, even though it was never meant for fans to hear and was reportedly recorded just for fun.

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