Because Selena Gomez has such a huge platform and a large audience that she’s able to speak to at one time, she tends to use it to talk about important issues going on in the world – especially the teen world.

Yesterday, she did just that. June 1st is the start of LGBTQ+ Pride Month and Billboard asked major celebrities to honor the impact that this community has had on the world. Selena remembers an experience when she was younger where her mother used to take her to brunch with several of her gay friends. Selena remembers how much fun she had – not even knowing what ‘gay’ meant at the time.

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She said, “I remember as a young child going to brunch on Sundays with my mom and her group of friends. I had no idea they were all gay as I didn’t even comprehend what that meant at the time. All I knew is that I loved being surrounded by these kind, fun and loving friends my mother had around her. I definitely give credit to her for raising me in an environment that was incredibly open-minded and non-judgmental. She also surprised me at my 16th birthday party with a performance by the most beautiful drag queen singing my favorite song. I don’t think most 16-year-olds can say that!”

“My co-writer Justin Tranter couldn’t believe I had never seen the Madonna documentary Truth or Dare and so while we were in Mexico he sat me down to watch it with him. I loved it and was especially struck by how groundbreaking it was for the gay rights movement and how far LGBTQ rights have come in my lifetime,” the starlet continued. “There is still a significant amount of work to do and I look forward to the day when a person is never judged, discriminated or feared for their sexuality.”

While this story is completely moving and definitely shows what kind of impact the community had on her own, personal life, the singer is being dragged for it. Of course, some social media users are praising her words but others are slamming her for supporting LGBTQ+ Pride Month and not the Black Lives Matter movement.

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It all started when she lashed back at a fan who asked her why her and Taylor Swift hadn’t used their voice to talk about the movement. It was then that Selena pointed to the fact that even if she hashtags something it doesn’t mean that she’s saving lives. Obviously, not many people liked that response.

Not it’s all coming full circle and she’s getting slammed for trying to do and say something positive.

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This is pretty upsetting. Selena does a lot of work behind the scenes and in no one has she ever said that she was against the Black Lives Matter movement. She has always been an advocate for equal rights and supporting LGBTQ+ Pride Month is just another way of her doing so. Not only that but she didn’t put out this letter on her own. Billboard reached out and she did what she could do to help. And for that, we think she honored the LGBTQ+ community in an incredible way.

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