Selena Gomez has officially dropped her new song "Bad Liar" and all the rumors about who it is about can be finally put to rest. While people thought that the song would be a dig at her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, based on the lyrics it makes more sense that it was inspired by her current boyfriend The Weeknd.

During an interview on Power96 Miami, the artist dished about the inspiration for the song and how it relates to her current relationship. Selena revealed that she's had the track for over a year and has been working on new music in that time too. Since she's had the song on her list for at least a year, it may not have been written about her current boyfriend — but she opened up about the story behind "Bad Liar" and confirms it's the way she feels now.

"It's that feeling when you're obsessed with someone, when you first initially [start dating]. I always say that's the honeymoon stage and I'm a sucker for that feeling. It's the best feeling in the whole world. You can't get them out of your head, you're willing to want to dress differently, you want to speak differently. It's not what I'm encouraging. It's more about that feeling that you can't play it cool," she said.

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"It's what I'm feeling in this exact moment. I don't know how play it cool. I'm not that girl. I'm very much, 'This is who I am, this is what you get.' And it's worked out for me so far, I guess! I definitely think that every girl can relate to that."

The "Good For You" singer had been teasing the upcoming release of the song all over social media and it had fans talking. She posted snippets of the lyrics but now that the song is out, fans can read for themselves and figure exactly what it is about.

"I was walking down the street the other day/ Trying to distract myself then I see your face/Ooh, you got someone else/ Tryna play it coy / Tryna make it disappear /But just like the battle of Troy /There's nothing subtle here," she sings in the first verse.

The lyrics seem similar to her situation when she met her boyfriend since the singer was then dating Bella Hadid, and since Sel helped write the song maybe this is how she felt at the time. She speaks about not being able to contain her feelings and thoughts about this new person, even though he was clearly with someone else.

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The song has a brand new vibe for the singer, with sounds reminiscent of 1970s pop and her voice is almost unrecognizable sounding almost as if she's talking throughout the song except for some ambitious high notes. Call us crazy, but it also reminds us of "Everything is Not What It Seems," the theme song she sang for her Disney Channel show Wizards of Waverly Place.

Selena has also dropped the video on Spotify, making it the first video ever to premiere on the streaming site and you can listen to the new tune below.

This is Sel's first new song since her 2015 album Revival and it is not clear if it is part of a new album just yet but fans are sure ready for new Selena music.

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Click through the gallery to see some adorable GIFs from the "Bad Liar" video.

This post was originally published on May 18, 2017. It has since been updated with new information.

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