Selena Gomez and The Weeknd might be trying to keep their relationship behind closed doors as much as possible, but one thing they aren’t doing out of the spotlight is making music together. Last week, rumors floated around that the pair were working on a collaboration together and fans freaked out, naturally. It would have been the song of the summer.

I mean, seriously, when is the last time a Hollywood couple as big as Selena and The Weeknd released music together? The whole thing would have been totally epic, but the “Hands to Myself” singer completely shut down the rumors.

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She chatted with The TJ Show and responded to the claims with something short, simple and very matter of fact. “No, no we’re not. It’s not true!”

The buzz started when The Weeknd’s name was written as a featured artist under Selena’s new single, “In Her Element.” However, the editors here at J-14 questioned the credibility of it. Why? Because it was written on Wikipedia – a site that can be edited and changed by anyone with access to a computer.

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So it looks like someone was just trying to get the fandom excited and they were pretty successful at it, to be honest. The Weeknd and Selena have been spending a lot of time together and she supports him by attending his shows on tour. It wouldn’t be totally shocking if they did end up making a song together. However, for now, they are sticking to just a romantic relationship. The professional stuff isn’t going to be added in the mix.

Sometimes working with a significant other can be tricky. Clashing of opinions in the studio or on a set can translate into what happens at home. It might be best to leave the music and the work exactly where it’s at.

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