Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are the perfect match which is why they can't stop spending time together. Between Los Angles and New York, these two are literally inseparable. I mean, can you blame her? The Weeknd is sexy AF and definitely treats her like a total queen – as he should. They may like to keep most of their relationship under wraps but Selena just kind of gave away how in love with the "Starboy" singer she really is.

Sel was casually walking through the streets of New York and holding onto her phone at the same time because she's V normal. The palm of her hand was covering the screen, but it wasn't covering the whole thing entirely and fans got a glimpse of her phone's background! It was a picture of The Weeknd, obviously. Oh yeah, and it's the photo or a similar photo taken at the same place Selena just shared on Instagram. So, now Abelena is officially #RELATIONSHIPGOALS if they weren't already before.

Here's some proof. This is the photo Selena posted on the 'gram just one day ago from the pair's dinner date at the Italian American restaurant, Carbone, in the Big Apple. She didn't write a caption and to be honest, it wasn't necessary.

Now, if we look closely at the photos of Selena walking on the street with her phone, you can see the yellow flowers at the top of the phone screen. These are the same yellow flowers in the photo above. If you have really good eyesight, you can make out the top of The Weeknd's head.


Let's get a little closer now.

selena 2

Aww! While it might not be the exact same photo she shared on social media, it definitely was taken during that same night at the same restaurant in the same booth. To be honest, the phone screen could just be a solo candid of The Weeknd. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure – Selena has become all of us who have consciously put our boyfriends as the backgrounds of our phones because ~love~ is real. It's the cutest and shows that they are a real couple. This isn't some fake, Hollywood nonsense. Selena and The Weeknd actually like each other…can you imagine?!

It's being reported that The Weeknd is in New York with his girl to help her get adjusted to life here. She starts working on Woody Allen's new movie very soon. A source said, "They're rock solid and very happy together…They looked very much in love and very affectionate…Abel came to support Selena this week in her transition to NYC." What a sweetie! No wonder why she's got him on as her screen saver.

All of this makes us realize one thing – Selena isn't that different from me and you when it comes to relationships! She's got her man on lock and isn't afraid to tell anyone even those sneaky paparazzi who snagged the greatest shot ever.

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