If you were hoping Selena Gomez and The Weeknd were going to take their relationship to the next step and move in together – you’re going to be very upset by this news.

The Weeknd just dropped almost 20 million dollars on a new home. Yes, 20 million. TMZ is reporting that the “Starboy” singer’s new house is located in Hidden Hills, California and it includes 9 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a guest house, a wine cellar, a music lounge, a fitness center and probably a lot more. Of course, just because he bought it alone doesn’t mean Selena won’t be hanging out there a lot. Even though she may spend some time in this incredible house, doesn’t mean she’s going to be moving her belongings in.

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How do we know this? Because she just bought a house too! She dropped a cool $2.25 million on her pad which is reportedly located in Studio City, California. The house, which is much smaller than what The Weeknd decided to purchase, has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. There’s a swimming pool in the back and the entire house – which was built in 1951 – has been remodeled.

Selena tends to move around a lot as this is not her first house. She had a home in Tarzana and then Hidden Hills. Clearly, she isn’t bothered by the change.

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So how far apart are Selena and The Weeknd’s new residences? Not far at all, which isn’t shocking. The two neighborhoods are 17.9 miles away from each other which is about a 30-minute drive without traffic.

It’s pretty cool that these two are continuing to do what they do best – their own thing but still making room for each other. Moving in together this quickly could cause turmoil in the relationship, and it’s safe to say they realize that. They are taking things slow. Everyone needs their own space and while they will probably be spending a lot of time at each other’s places, when they need alone time, they will know where to get it.

And hey, who knows, if they really want to move in together sooner rather than later, they can do it. A house can always be sold.

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