Selena Gomez seems to be the happiest she has been in quite some time. She hit a rough patch toward the end of 2016 that had her check into a rehabilitation center, but the star appears to be having a better time to start off this new year. The singer recently went public with her new relationship with The Weeknd, that has her smiling from ear to ear, but could this potentially be causing a rift in her relationships with her friends and family?

A new report is saying that Sel skipped out on a family intervention to go on her trip to Italy with the “Starboy” singer, but could this be true? According to the National Enquirer, Selena has “turned her back on her frightened family and friends and jetted off to Italy for an international bender with bad-boy boyfriend The Weeknd.”

The magazine said that the “Good For You” singer “flew the coop when she learned her family was planning an intervention.” A source even said they are afraid for her well-being if she does not end this relationship.

The mag is claiming that the fear stems from The Weeknd confessing to having a wild lifestyle in his music, but that could also all be part of his public persona and not who he really is. There is no telling where exactly their report of this family meeting is coming from, and based on the photos from their Florence trip it seemed to be a pretty tame trip. The couple enjoyed quiet, romantic dinners and even trips to the museum.

Gossip Cop is reporting that a source close to her found the claims funny and sarcastically claimed the Enquirer’s reporting “amazing.” The couple seems to be doing just fine, despite this report and continuing to display their love for each other on social media, commenting and liking each other’s posts.

Here is the video Abel posted:

As for her relationship with her family, Sel is currently working with her mother Mandy Teefey while they are promoting their new series on Netflix 13 Reasons Why which is about a group of young people who are struggling with internal issues and Sel said in a recent panel that she wants to inspire kids like this because she can relate to how the characters felt.

“It was also adults that had, you know, that had the audacity to tell me how to live my life and it was very confusing for me. It was so confusing I had no idea who I was going to be or what I was going to become and it definitely hits home and that’s why I wanted to make sure I was still part of this project in any way. I would never let anyone take this away from me and my mom,” she said.


“But it’s a very important part in me and I think this is what people need to see. We’re not going to post anything that’s like ‘hey be empowered!’ That’s not what they want to see. Unfortunately, kids don’t care. They don’t care. They have to see something that’s going to shake them. They have to see something that’s frightening and follow these people who are, they are going to instantly fall in love with these characters. I want them to understand it. I would do anything to have a good influence on this generation. It’s hard. But, I definitely relate to everything that is going on.”

It seems unlikely that Selena would involve herself without someone who was a bad influence, not only for her well being but that of her millions of fans who cautiously watch her every move. So intervention or not, it is clear that these two know exactly what they are doing when it comes to their love lives.

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