There’s no hiding THIS love any longer! The Weeknd and Selena Gomez’s romance has been heating up for the past several week,s and it seems like things just got hotter. The “Good For You” singer is now wearing The Weeknd’s sweatshirts and everyone knows what that means – things are looking more and more official each day!

Selena posted a photo on Instagram wearing a red and black Supreme x Champion sweatshirt in the recording studio with her besties Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter. While she didn’t caption the pic, they look super cozy hanging out together. Clearly, they are working on some new music, but the fact that Selena was in the studio wasn’t even what turned heads.

It was that red and black sweatshirt. So, what’s the big deal? Well, actually, it was The Weeknd’s comment on the photo that really got fans stirring at first.

LOL! This is the original photo that Sel shared without a caption. However, there doesn’t really need to be one. His comment says one thousand words and just the fact that she’s putting it out there that she’s back in the studio is something to buzz about. But, that sweatshirt, though!

Of course, he’s not actually upset with her or legitimately rolling his eyes at her – clearly, they’ve got a running inside joke going on here. It just goes to show that Selena may have secretly stolen this piece of clothing from The Weeknd’s closet. Or he may know how much she loves it and sees that she rarely goes anywhere without it. Now, he’s calling her out in front of the world, making their relationship even more public than it already is. Basically, The Weeknd doesn’t care who knows they are dating anymore and doesn’t care if anyone knows that his girl wears his clothes around, too.

To be honest, this is super cute and makes them even more real. Who doesn’t love stealing their boyfriend’s sweatshirts?? They are bigger, they smell like him, and are just all around more comfortable.

The “Starboy” singer went on tour this week, so this could be something that Selena took to hold onto while he’s away. It’s a good reminder of the love he has to give her when he can’t be right by her side. It seems like they have been inseparable ever since the paparazzi first saw them kissing on the street after a dinner date a couple of months ago.

Since then, they’ve been caught together in Italy, the Netherlands, California, aboard a yacht and on social media. While they haven’t officially confirmed their relationship, this Supreme x Champion hoodie Selena has on is a pretty good indication of where they are at. Our fingers are crossed we see more of The Weeknd’s clothes on Selena because she can REALLY pull off the boyfriend chic look. You go, girl!


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