More episodes? Fans are hoping that Netflix’s Shadow and Bone will return for a third season, continuing the Grishaverse — and possibly giving it a major ending!  The show is based on the Grishaverse book series by Leigh Bardugo, and each season of the show is set to adapt the novels.

The first season, which premiered in April 2021, followed the events of the first novel. The second, which premiered in March 2023, was based on the second and third novels. Keep reading for details on a possible third season of Shadow and Bone

Will Netflix’s ‘Shadow and Bone’ Have a Season 3?

Sadly, Netflix cancelled Shadow and Bone after two seasons in November 2023.

It was previously revealed that the showrunner planned for three seasons in the overall series.

“It was a three-year plan that I laid out, or three-season plan,” showrunner Eric Heisserer shared in March 2021. “It came about in a really interesting way because it all came from a New Year’s resolution that I had three years ago, which was to do more pleasure reading. I just wasn’t doing enough of it, and there’s something about when you’re reading for work, you always have that part of your brain on, like, ‘Ooh can this be adapted or … ‘ And I’m like, I just want to have fun.”

Will Netflix's 'Shadow & Bone' Get a Season 3? Last Season Rumors, Spoilers and More

What Happened in ‘Shadow and Bone’ Season 2?

Eric revealed that they adapted “multiple books for sure,” during an interview with Entertainment Weekly in December 2022.

“We touch on a few others in Leigh’s catalog. There’s a piece that’s integral to the story that was [showrunner] Daegan [Fryklind]‘s idea that I’m particularly excited about,” he teased ahead of the premiere. “I don’t think the fans are gonna see that one coming because it’s a pretty deep cut.”

What Has the ‘Shadow and Bone’ Cast Said About a 3rd Season?

While they’ve yet to speak publicly about continuing the story, star Jessie Mei Li (Alina Starkov) gushed over her role multiple times over the years.

“Filming the show taught me a lot about myself and I really did gain a lot of understanding in who I am,” the star told Seventeen in April 2021 about the role. “It’s rare that you sort of spend so much time with other people and I think other people are a reflection of who we are. The more diverse the people are around you, the more you see in yourself. We’ve all taught each other a lot and it was a pretty good experience.”

Ben Barnes, for his part, made it clear that he doesn’t know what’s next for his character.

“I have absolutely no idea. I think they’re poised very beautifully for a Six of Crows story, which I would be very excited to see,” he told Cosmopolitan in March 2023. “I’m a huge fan of those next two books, which obviously don’t involve the Darkling. I’ve not been included beyond this moment, so who knows?”

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