Leave it to Shawn Mendes to try and convince us all that he’s well, THE Shawn Mendes. So allow us to explain: the “In My Blood” signer took to Twitter to reply to a fan who had posted a throwback photo of a rather adorable little kid. She wrote in the tweet, “this is NOT shawn,” to which he replied, “But iT IS.”

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how he’s joking around with his fans? What a gem. But anyway, yes this lil dude is a young Shawn, long before he ever joined Vine and became the music superstar he is today. He was a precious little bean and obviously has come a long way now at almost 20 years old. He’s a certified babe today if we shall be so bold to say, so yeah, he looks a lot different than he did as a tiny child! What makes this whole exchange even more hilarious is that actor Ansel Elgort happens to think he looks like Shawn. In his most recent IG pic Shawn posted, Ansel left a comment saying, “I thought this was a pic of me.”

shawn mendes ansle elgort ig comment

LOL, everyone is out here trying to pretend photos of Shawn are of other people! Well, Ansel and Shawn do kind of look alike when you think about it. But both of these photos of are Shawn, so let’s get that straight. And in honor of this, let’s relive some more throwback shots of the singer from when he was a kid that totally don’t look like Shawn but really, they totally do. He might be all grown up now, but we can spot that face of his anywhere!

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