OK let's all be honest for a second: if you're a Shawn Mendes fan, there's a good chance you might've daydreamed at laest once about what it would be like if you know, he ended up being your boyfriend. It's totally fine to admit it, we're all in the same fangirl boat here and c'mon, Shawn is a cutie with a rather angelic singing voice that simply slays your soul so it's totally understandable. Well now, he's legit showing you what it's like to be his girl. He gave the world an up close and personal look at life as his GF and yes, it's just as magical as you always imagined.

In his new music video for the jam that is "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back," Shawn cozies up to British actress Ellie Bamber, as the two play an oh so in love couple. They frolic through the street of Paris together and Ellie watches Shawn during one of his concerts, so they literally show us what life out on the road with Shawn as his one and only looks like.

There's some cuddling while on an escalator.

shawn mendes hug

Hand-holding of course.

shawn mendes holding hands

More hand touching, this time while sitting across from one another, gazing into each other's eyes.

shawn mendes ellie bamber

Some playful up close and personal moments.

shawn mendes music video girlfriend

And finally, a kiss on the beach.

shawn mendes kiss

Swooning forever.

Shawn hasn't publicly had a girlfriend, so seeing him this way, being happy and in love and literally the most adorable boyfriend ever is truly a gift, even if it's only for a music video. He did open to KISS 92.5 about his ideal first date, and it seems he's a no frills kind of guy, just interested in getting to know the girl he's with.

"Honestly, keep it simple. Go to dinner. First, I'd probably ask like where you want to go. If I don't get an answer, I don't know. I'd probably just ask somebody I work with because they always know good places to eat," Shawn said.

After you're done enjoying a meal together, he obviously doesn't want the night to end there and he's all about that romantic stroll afterwards.

"I'd probably just go for a walk somewhere," he added.

Pretty much aligns with what goes son the video, with Shawn and Ellie sightseeing together, going out on drives and literally being a cute af couple. Real goals right there.

Watch the "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back video to see it all for yourself below!

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