Shawn Mendes is about to start the biggest tour of his life in 2017 but before that he's focused on spreading joy to his fans!

The "Treat You Better" singer has partnered up with PaperMate Ink Joy to raise awareness for their message, #SpreadJoy. But, what does all that really mean to the heartthrob? Shawn EXCLUSIVELY told J-14, "Spread Joy is all about spreading positivity through the written word. Basically, it’s about encouraging my fans to do small acts of kindness, by spreading handwritten notes that have positive messages on them, to others. It really is amazing how it can help brighten people’s days and make change."

Aww! He is completely right and this comes just in time for the holidays. Shawn is super excited about the project and clearly has a passion for it. But, even he knows that if you can't get out there and do an actual act of kindness – your words can go along way.

Shawn opened up about what his fans have said to him using the written word that make him super happy. "Reading my fans notes though online and in person, it’s just amazing when you get something that brightens your day a bit. The simplest things can really make you smile…like when a fan just writes saying they hope my day is going well, means so much."

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Ahh, so whose going to write him a note, ASAP?! No really, this is everything! It just goes to show that even though Shawn might be a huge entertainer, he still enjoys the small things – he is human after all. It's pretty cool how much Shawn is opening up especially when it comes to his emotions.

Lots of celebs find that difficult to do but with Shawn, it's something that comes naturally especially in his music. He actually let us at J-14 in on a little secret about his song, "Hold On" and why it's his most emotional track to date.

He said, "I think “Hold On” is possibly, I wrote that song with 2 of my friends and it’s about just the support you get from the ones that love you most. It’s probably the most personal song I’ve written."

Wow! Shawn skyrocketed to fame very quickly but after hearing what he had to say about the way he cares for his fans and promoting positivity in this world through emotion and kindness, there's really no stopping him now. You go, Shawn!

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