As more and more details about Niall Horan's solo career come to light, the more Shawn Mendez becomes interested in working with the former boyband member.

Although Shawn has previously spoken about – and basically confirmed – an upcoming collaboration, it seems that the two artists have as of yet actually sat down and recorded anything together!

We know this sounds really upsetting and it might hint at the collaboration not even happening (it totally is, however!) but Shawn promises that the two of them haven't had the chance for a proper studio session yet because of – what else – different schedules.

Asked on Kiss FM about whether the rumors of an upcoming collaboration were true, Shawn said: "Yeah, we've been talking a lot. We've been talking about writing. But I texted him before and I was like 'I'm going to London, where are you?' and he was like 'I just got to LA'. Always for some reason we keep missing each other, but yeah no I will for sure [make it happen]."

We're SO EXCITED for this!

So although the boys are having a hard time tracking each other down and because the life of a jet setting popstar is just that hard and busy, their duet hasn't really happened yet. But as long as Shawn keeps confirming it and dishing out new information about their future music together, then we're going to keep on holding out hope for this!

Are you excited to hear Shawn and Niall duet together? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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