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Singer/songwriter Alexi Blue may be young, but her new EP, TRI Me, shares a message that is important for everyone to hear. In her own words, "TRI Me is about unapologetically being yourself regardless of the opinions of others, understanding you have self-worth because that's the core of everything, always following your inner voice, and standing true to your convictions. It's fierce and real and catchy and I'm more than excited for you guys to learn every single lyric and blast it in your car on replay."

J-14 had the chance to check out the EP, and ask Alexi all about the recording process.

She said, "Writing and recording this EP was a labor of love. Working on each song was like a puzzle… from writing the songs to producing them, to mixing them, etc it took about 5 months total. I write all of my own original music to my acoustic guitar, and most of the time it takes place on my living room floor…so to hear the evolution of all three songs and how they completely came to life in the studio was an experience like no other."

alexi blue tri me

Of course, we had to find out if Alexi has a favorite song on the EP. She said, "It's so hard to choose one! Like I said, I write them all so they're all like my babies haha. Each song has its own mood. When I'm feeling defiant, I'll blast "Perfect Mess". When I'm cruising around in the car with my friends, I'll put on "Solo Ride". When I'm feeling fierce or sassy, "Ice Cold" goes on repeat for sure."

With an amazing EP on the way, over 13 million views on YouTube, and 300,000 Spotify listeners, we know 2017 will be a huge year for this budding artist.

So what does Alexi have in mind for 2017? We asked her, and she said, "2017 is going to be an amazing year for the Blue Star Family. You can definitely expect music videos for each one of the songs off of "TRI Me" so stay tuned for that… of course lots of live shows are in the picture because playing live is one of my favorite things in the world, and I'm constantly writing new music. I`ll definitely be writing and recording even more new music this year."

The 'TRI Me' EP is available now on iTunes and Spotify. Take a listen and let us know your favorite song in the comments section.

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