She’s stronger than ever! After facing a lift gone wrong during her Dancing with the Stars routine on Tuesday, September 22, Skai Jackson is ready to return to the dance floor next week with an even better performance.

“It was a little bit nerve-wracking, but I’m just really excited that we got saved,” the Disney Channel actress, 18, told Entertainment Tonight about the mishap. “I was always taught that if something like that does happen, you keep going, you don’t give up. And that was what was going on in my head.”

She continued, “I knew it wasn’t either of our faults; it was the floor. It was really slippery, they had confetti from the last performers before us, so that kinda messed things up. But it’s totally fine. I mean, yes, the judges would give us lower scores, but I’m just gonna take all that advice that they gave me and bring that onto week three, and just work harder.”

While performing the Samba, Skai and her partner, Alan Bersten, fumbled midway through the routine, which led to lower scores (a 15 out of 30) from the judges after nabbing the top spot during DWTS’ season 29 premiere on September 14 with a score of 21 out of 30

“I think one of the most impressive things is, is that Skai didn’t give up, she came back stronger,” Alan, 26, told ET. “She didn’t let that little slip-up stop her, and to me, that means more than the judges’ scores. I respect what the judges say, obviously, but just that determination and that passion to keep moving forward is the most impressive thing to me.”

The Jessie alum said she has a “positive mindset” going for her upcoming Disney week performance.

“Yes, there was a slip-up [this week]. Did I enjoy it? No, not at all, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone,” Skai said. “But it was one setback for a major comeback, and we’re just gonna kill it next week.”

Watch Skai and Alan dance the Jive to “Almost There” from Princess & the Frog during Dancing with the Stars on ABC on Monday, September 28, at 8:00 p.m. EST.

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