It’s been three years since we said our final “good luck” to Charlie, PJ, Teddy, and the rest of the Good Luck, Charlie gang. And there’s one character that we’re dying to catch up with: sweet Skyler! We know Bridgit Mendler is living her best life as an actress and singer. And if you’re not following Bradley Steven Perry (Gabe Duncan, in the show) on Twitter, you’re kinda missing out. But what’s become of Samantha Boscarino, who played Charlie’s bestie and PJ’s girlfriend? Let’s find out!

What is Skyler from Good Luck Charlie doing now?

This 22-year-old actress Samantha Boscarino can still be caught on screen. She even guest-starred in an episode of Girl Meets World! She played Sophie Miller, Josh’s campus advisor at an NYU pre-college program. Josh has a little crush on her and asks her out, but she turns him down.

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Outside of acting, Sam has an amazing Instagram account. Can we just talk about her aesthetic for a second? The colors are beautiful! Samantha’s Twitter is less active than her Instagram, but it’s the perfect place to get to know her a little better. From her Twitter alone we can tell that Sam is passionate, caring, and loves music! As of May 2017, Sam is dating East London rapper, Nick Brewer.

As for her Good Luck Charlie cast mates, Sam still keeps up. In September 2017, Sam, a few of her friends, and Bridgit Mendler all hung out together. At one point, Sam and Bridgit lived together in NYC, but it’s unclear whether they’re still roomies. Sam and Bridgit are probably really good friends because they knew each other before Good Luck Charlie was even a thing! She and Bridgit starred in the movie The Clique together way back in 2008. Obviously, their friendship runs deep.

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Speaking of The Clique, Sam Boscarino has one more celebrity connection through the movie. Dylan Minnette from 13 Reasons Why was also a main character. Hollywood is such a small world! Although it doesn’t seem like they hang out still, this is a fun fact to know.

What happened to the character Skyler in Good Luck Charlie?

Way back in Season 1 of Good Luck Charlie Spencer (Shane Harper) cheated on Teddy with Skyler! It was super dramatic for Teddy, but it blossomed into a great friendship. Skyler can be a little slow to catch on and gets confused easily. However, she’s a really good friend and as sweet as can be. That’s what makes her the perfect girl for PJ (Jason Dolley)! In Season 2, PJ and Skyler started dating. It was a match made in heaven. Soon after, Skyler ends up moving away. It’s heartbreaking, to say the least.

Then, in the Good Luck Charlie Christmas crossover, Good Luck Jessie: NYC Christmas, Skyler and PJ unite! They realize that they’re still in love with one another. Skyler is graduating high school and decides to attend college in Denver to be closer to PJ. So cute!

Honestly, Skyler and PJ had the perfect whirlwind romance. If you start rewatching now, you’ll be able to see them get back together in the amazing Jessie and Good Luck Charlie crossover right in time for the holidays.

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