Sofia Richie has made headlines in the past for her whirlwind romance with Justin Bieber and now, her love life is at the center of attention once again. But this time she’s got a brand new guy on her arm and he’s 19 years older than her. He’s not new to Hollywood, though. In fact, he’s a certified veteran and his name is Scott Disick. Yeah, that Scott Disick – the Keeping Up With the Kardashians bad boy and father of 3.

Watch the video and find out the exact way Scott is acting like real boyfriend material towards Sofia!

Sofia and Scott have battled romance rumors for months but after they were seen hanging out more than usual during New York Fashion Week and grabbing coffee together in California last week, sources have started to talk. An insider told Us Weekly, “Things became official over the past week while they were in New York City together.”

The insider continued, “It’s so weird. Not just the age difference, but mostly the fact that Sofia had been a family friend for years, and was close to Kendall and Kylie [Jenner].” Hmmm…this all comes on the heels of Scott rumored to be getting close to Sofia’s stylist and friend, Chloe Bartoli. Yes, the same Chloe that Scott was caught canoodling with during a Fourth of July weekend a few years ago that ultimately led Kourtney Kardashian to call off their relationship for good. And there was that whole Scott may or may not be dating Bella Thorne saga that just left everyone v confused.

It’s hard for us to believe that Sofia would start anything romantic with Scott if her good friend Chloe had been involved with him for awhile though. Not only that but Sofia also tweeted over the summer when she and Scott were seen together in Cannes, France, “Just so everyone can get their panties out of their a—s, Scott and I are just homies.” It seems like she is doing everything in her power to make sure people know these two are not an item. Scott, on the other hand, has not done much to expel the rumors.

Scott linked arms with Sofia during one of their outings, he posted a group shot with Sofia in the frame while in New York City, and also was photographed carrying her around on a Yacht in France. The pairing is confusing and no one knows the true story since they have both kept relatively quiet about their so-called friendship. This source supposedly seems pretty confident about the fact that Sofia and Scott are dating but we really just aren’t so sure. And it isn’t even about the age difference. There are so many other factors that could keep these two from pursuing anything but a friendship. Regardless of whether or not they are dating, Sofia and Scott are definitely close friends. She doesn’t care who sees them together and always seems to be smiling around Scott. Looks like her Bieber Fever has officially broken.

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