Congrats are in order for Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge! The daughter of Lionel Richie just announced her pregnancy with her husband, per Vogue article, on January 25, 2024. Keep reading for everything we know.

In typical Sofia Richie fashion, her pregnancy announcement was as iconic and elegant as her 2023 wedding to Elliot — a gorgeous photo spread of her pregnant belly, featured exclusively in Vogue Magazine.

“I found out very, very early,” Sofia told Vogue of her pregnancy. “I was about four weeks pregnant. I was on a trip to Milan for fashion week, and I was going to the Prada show. I was doing a really quick 24-hour turnaround, and I felt terrible but didn’t think much of it. I thought it was jet lag.”

After feeling a little out of sorts for awhile, she prompty told Elliot to get in his car and go to CVS to pick up three of the best pregnancy tests he could find.

“He was so excited,” Sofia recalled of her husband. “We spoke the whole way on the phone. And when he came home, he’s such a sweet guy he always wants to protect my emotions and expectations, so he kind of sat me down and said, ‘If these are negative, don’t be upset. Our moment will come.’ When we turned over all three tests at the same time they were all positive. He was so excited, and we both cried. It was crazy and overwhelming and so hard not to scream it from the rooftops. But knowing I was so early, I was so protective—even with my friends.”

That’s not all Sofia has shared about her pregnancy thus far! On January 28, 2024, the personality star posted an at-home gender reveal video to her followers on TikTok. After twisting the confetti popper open, pink smoke and strands of confetti filled the air. Sofia yelled out in excitement while embracing her husband — confirming they’re having a baby girl.

ICYMI, Sofia and Elliot were first romantically linked in early 2021, and after more than a year of dating, the music mogul proposed in 2022. They officially tied the knot in April 2023. Now, Sofia and Elliot are living in newlywed bliss.

Sofia and Elliot shared the news with their parents when she hit about the eight-week mark.

“We went to Elliot’s parents, who live about five minutes away from us, and I think I had a box — I want to say it was a Hermès box or some sort of box — and I told everyone that I had bought them a gift from Milan Fashion Week,” she revealed. “Everyone was like ‘Ooooh Hermes!’ But then they opened it and it had all three of the pregnancy tests [in it]. That’s how we told all of our parents. Watching their reaction go from like, ‘I’m about to get an expensive present’ to like ‘I’m about to get a grandchild’ was really sweet.”

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