Between her luxurious vacations and talked-about wedding, Sofia Richie is the current “It Girl.” With outfits to die for and bikini photos galore, her Instagram account is full of summer inspiration with every new post. However, before getting married to Elliot Grainge in April 2023, the model never worried about her bikini body.

“Before my wedding, I worked out once/twice a week and then, when I got engaged I was like, ‘This is my moment to feel my best,'” Sofia revealed during her Vogue “24 Hours With Sofia Richie” video from July 2023. “So, I really amped it up and I can’t get out of it.”

Now, she’s loving her mornings at the gym. Months before her wedding ceremony, Sofia did share her diet and workout secrets with Instagram followers.

“OK so I started a strict diet,” she shared in December 2022. “My wedding is in a few months so I wanted to get an early start on it. I try my hardest to fast until 12 p.m. (with the exception of coffee). For lunch I have either a salad or a high protein meal. I eat my dinner around 6:30 p.m., which is the last meal before I go to bed (no snacking).”

With a wedding in the South of France, it’s safe to say that Sofia wanted to look her best — and she did. In the week leading up the ceremony, she was even photographed rocking various two-pieces and tanning for the big event. Of course, Sofia is no stranger to rocking a bathing suit. She even collaborated with Frankie’s Bikinis in July 2019. But, bathing suits aren’t Sofia’s favorite item to shop for.

“I am a big shoe shopper, but I have an overflowing closet of sunglasses. It just happened!” she gushed to Grazia Magazine in a past interview. “Right now I’m obsessed with vintage glasses, I’m going to all these vintage stores and buying these all these day-old glasses. I find they are my best fitting pairs which is very strange. That’s my current obsession.”

No matter what she’s wearing, it’s safe to say that Sofia is sure to rock it! Click through our gallery to see her best bikini moments over the years. 

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