A friendship for the ages! Sofia Richie is close to TikTok star Jake Shane — otherwise known as OctopussLover8 — thanks to her now-husband Elliot Grainge.

The music mogul joked that Jake was his “cousin” during the Vogue “24 Hours With Sofia Richie Grainge” video, released in July 2023. However, later on in the same video, Sofia made it clear that “Jake’s not our cousin.”

Elliot quipped, “Oh, right, yeah … Jake’s not our cousin.”

So how is Jake connected to the fashion icon? Keep reading for all the details on Sofia and Jake’s friendship. 

Are Sofia Richie and Jake Shane Friends?

Yes, the duo are actually besties, and have been that way for years.

“I’m so grateful to have such a tight-knit group of friends that would tell me if I’m funny or not funny,” he told People in July 2023. “And when they tell me I’m not funny, I don’t get embarrassed. They’re just being real.”

Jake was present at Sofia’s bridal shower and even made TikTok videos at her and Elliot’s April 2023 wedding in France. He said that the entire event was “the most beautiful ceremony filled with so much love and happiness,” while chatting with Elite Daily in June 2023.

Inside Sofia Richie and TikTok Star Jake Shane's Friendship: Explained
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Jake appears to spend a good amount of time at Sofia’s home, according to the Vogue video. He even helps her cook dinner when needed.

“We’re salmon-ing all over the place,” Jake joked. Elsewhere in the video, Elliot even gifted Jake with a blue octopus stuffed animal, seemingly a nod at his TikTok handle.

Are Jake Shane and Elliot Grainge Cousins?

OK, despite fan speculation, it doesn’t seem like there’s any actual relation between Jake and Elliot. In fact, the internet personality referred to Elliot’s sister, Alice Grainge, as one of his best friends.

“When I’m getting very anxious, I don’t have the self-control to put my phone down,” he told People, referring to his newfound fame and ongoing mental health struggles. “Usually my friend, Alice [Grainge], will take my phone and be like, ‘We’re not being present.’ Then it usually grounds me, and I’m good. And writing poetry is so cathartic, honestly.”

Perhaps that explains the connection.

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