If you’ve been on TikTok recently, then you’re probably already obsessed with the user that goes by Octopuslover8. The TikToker, whose real name is Jake Shane, has gone viral for his hilarious impressions of historical events, his “puss reviews,” and of course, his iconic dance moves. Keep reading for everything we know about Jake.

Who Is Jake Shane, a.k.a. Octopuslover8?

Jake, 23, first skyrocketed to fame in February 2023 after posting a video of himself impersonating former president Bill Clinton vehemently denying his relationship with Monica Lewinsky in February 2023. The video got 2 million views, and five days later, Octupusslover8 hit 100,000 followers. Following that, he has continued to reenact historical milestones, mostly recreating prompts that are commented under his TikToks. As of September, he now has over 2.4 million followers.

Jake explained how he first felt after his huge catapult to fame during an interview with GQ from April 2023.

“I was loving it,” Jake said on his first viral video. “When it happens, at first, you’re not thinking, All right, well, I’m going to be a TikTok star now. You just think it’s fun. You don’t think anything is going to happen. So, I started posting on TikTok 10 to 20 times a day, anything I could think of. I would just grab my phone, be like, ‘Dududu, post’ and put it down … Slowly, slowly, slowly, it started climbing.”

Since his newfound stardom, the TikToker has created videos with fellow content creators like Charli D’AmelioAlix Earle and the Jonas Brothers themselves. Jake graduated from The University of South Carolina in 2022.

He launched his clothing line PassThatPuss in August 2023, which celebs like Sophie Turner have even been spotted wearing!

Who Are Jake Shane’s Famous Friends?

Prior to his viral fame, the content creator already had some huge celebrity ties. Shane is shown in a few of Olivia Jade’s old YouTube videos, and has also been friends with Sofia Richie for years, even attending her legendary wedding in the South of France in April 2023. It was confirmed that he is a longterm friend of Alice Grainge, who is the sister of Sofia’s now-husband Elliot Grainge.

Most recently, Jake signed with talent agency WME in March 2023.

“I’m so beyond thrilled to begin this next chapter of my career with such an incredible team behind me. I still can’t believe this is real,” Jake said in a statement. “I’m so grateful to the team at WME for believing in my vision and can’t wait to get started.”

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