Internet star Ellie Zeiler skyrocketed to fame after she was pegged as the Charli D’Amelio look-alike on TikTok. Now, the teen is making a name for herself in other ways!

“I really love being an influencer because I get to have more connections with fun people,” Ellie told the Teen Magazine in June 2020. “I like that I can reach out to other creators and be able to have conversations with them, and to just get to know them! Additionally, I love that I have a platform where I can use my voice to shed light on situations that I believe needs attention to.”

She continued, “I am a big activist for women’s and human rights. Especially with the situations that are occurring right now, I love that I can use my voice to speak up on my platform to shed light onto these topics and spread [the] word.”

When it comes to using her platform for good, Ellie loves “encouraging girls to live their life authentically.” In fact, she even created the “Together as One” movement, which she explained, “Creates a safe environment for youth of all cultural backgrounds to share their experience dealing with prejudice.”

Other that being a role model, Ellie is budding fashionista. She’s constantly sharing outfit of the day posts on Instagram and, thankfully, tagging exactly where her millions of followers can get her look. Despite having found fame online, Ellie still has plans to finish school and even head to college in the near future. “My dream school is New York University. I’m interested in having a career in the field of real estate when I grow up,” she also told Teen Magazine. “As of now, I may be an influencer, but I plan on continuing on with my scholarly studies.”

Prior to her newfound life as an influencer the brunette beauty noted that she lived a “pretty normal life” and only started making TikTok videos because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “I found extra time to create content on the app, which grew viral,” she said.

As her following continues to grow, Ellie has some pretty major goals for herself. “Makeup is something I have always had interest in, and I hope to have my own products one day,” the told the website. “I think it would be a very exciting thing to be able to create my own makeup for others to use.”

We can’t wait to see what’s next for the internet star! Scroll through our gallery to meet Ellie.

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