One of TikTok’s biggest stars is under the marketing microscope — and she’s not liking it. Charli D’amelio, who has amassed over 152 million followers on the platform, has been criticized by another popular user for her family’s “failing empire.”

Keep reading to find out why Charli allegedly blocked the creator on TikTok.

Why Did Charli D’amelio Block Bee Better Company on TikTok?

Since Charli’s rise to fame in 2019, she’s starred in her own reality TV series, partnered with multiple brands, launched a shoe line and much more. However, a TikTok user called @Bee.Better.Company posted a TikTok which explained how he had noticed a shift in her notoriety and why.

In a TikTok posted in February 2024, the Bee Better Company creator expressed why he thinks the D’Amelio brand has taken a hit in the past few years.

“I think what it caused was a huge over-saturation; they’re on all these TV shows, they were everywhere,” he said. “They’re so accessible already on social media [that] people slowly, slowly stopped losing interest in them.”

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The TikTok creator went on to explain what ultimately led to the brand’s alleged decline was that their business “had no soul.”

“It’s such an interesting example. Just because you have millions and millions of followers does not mean people are going to want to buy from you… having this very generalizing clothing line, this very generalized shoe line — it’s not inspired,” he explained.

It seems his comments have stirred up some unwavering feelings for Charli. In a follow-up video, the Bee better CEO revealed that Charli had allegedly blocked him on TikTok. This action seemingly only fueled the TikTok user to continue his series.

During the second video, he called out Charli saying, “You need to understand that 99% of America is looking at you and your sister as two people that just won the lottery,” referencing their sudden rise to fame in 2019.

Be better concluded his series in a third and final video summarizing his points saying that the D’Amelio’s decline in popularity was due to “rapid over-commercialization” and lack of a “coherent brand strategy.”

Who Is the Bee Better Company?

ICYMI, the TikTok account that explained the D’Amelo’s “decline” is @Bee.Better.Company, a honey company which sources their products from Greece. Although it’s unclear who the user’s name is, he claims to have an MBA in marketing which he’s currently using to discuss popular influencers and celebrities that have seemingly “fallen off.”

He recently made waves for his series “The Downfall,” that has covered stars like Addison Rae and David Dobrik.

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