On Tuesday, August 25, Noah Schnapp took to Instagram Stories and issued an apology after he was accused of using the n-word while singing along to Chris Brown‘s verse in the 2018 song “Freaky Friday,” in a past video that has resurfaced online. After the clip went viral and #NoahSchnappIsOverParty trended on Twitter, the 16-year-old addressed the entire incident and denied using the racial slur.

“Hi guys. Recently a video from last summer has gotten out of me dancing and singing a song while singing the word ‘neighbor’ over the n-word. I would truly never say the n-word and I’m not the type of person,” the Stranger Things star wrote. “I genuinely have never used that word in my life. Using the word ‘neighbor’ in that song was just something my camp friends and I did.”

'Stranger Things' Star Noah Schnapp Responds After He's Accused Of Saying The N-Word In Resurfaced Video

He continued, “I hope you all understand I could never even think about doing that. My friends also would never post a video, or support me, if i was saying that slur without hesitation. I apologize for using a replacement word. It is not my place to use one and I should [have] kept my mouth shut. I understand why it is found offensive and I am so sorry.”

As fans know, Noah’s social media post came just one month after he issued another public apology for being friends with someone who ran a seemingly controversial fan page — the since-deleted Instagram account @noahschnappedmyheart.

“I want to apologize for hurting anyone at all. [You] all matter most to me. I [know] some of [you] guys feel like [your] feelings are being invalidated, which I’m sorry for. I never meant to defend anybody’s actions,” he wrote in a lengthy Twitter thread in July. “It’s just the hate for everyone has been so draining and it’s hard to manage. I never wanted to invalidate ANYONE’S feelings but please remember we have to keep everyone’s feelings in mind. But I do apologize that you all felt like I betrayed you in a way.”

He added, “I’m sorry if any of my actions have offended you, whether that being defending anybody or something else. I never once had any intention to hurt anybody EVER.”

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