On Thursday, July 16, Noah Schnapp took to Twitter and issued a lengthy apology for being friends with someone who runs a seemingly controversial fan page — the since-deleted Instagram account @noahschnappedmyheart.

“So I see a lot of people upset on the internet over some things. First, I want to apologize for hurting anyone at all. [You] all matter most to me. I [know] some of [you] guys feel like [your] feelings are being invalidated, which I’m sorry for. I never meant to defend anybody’s actions,” the Stranger Things star wrote in his social media thread. “It’s just the hate for everyone has been so draining and it’s hard to manage. I never wanted to invalidate ANYONE’S feelings but please remember we have to keep everyone’s feelings in mind. But I do apologize that you all felt like I betrayed you in a way.”

He continued, “I just wanted drama and hate to stop in the fandom. For the people who were offended by things she said, that isn’t my apology to accept and I understand that and I’m sorry and I should’ve never spoke on her actions. That’s something she did that offended you guys. I just wanted this all to be resolved in a civil way, but it all unfolded.”

For those who missed it, the fan — whose name is Hyler — allegedly “sexualized Noah” and “slut-shamed” his costar Millie Bobby Brown, according to other fans.

“I’m sorry if any of my actions have offended you, whether that being defending anybody or something else. I never once had any intention to hurt anybody EVER,” Noah added. “And I’m sorry if [you] felt like I wasn’t thinking [about you] guys. And this, to everyone who saying I’m a bad friend to Millie, I’ve talked to her already and she isn’t offended in any way. I love her, she’s my best friend.”

The actor concluded his apology by announcing that he’s taking a social media break.

“Please remember I love you all so much and I just felt like I owed [you] all an apology. I just wanted to be kind to everyone. Anyways, like I was planning to do, I’m getting off the grid for a while, I feel like it’s most definitely needed. Thank you all for understanding,” Noah wrote.

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