Any Stranger Things fan knows the young cast’s level of talent is next level. They’re all such stand-out actors and getting that sudden rush of fame and attention at such a young age can be a lot to handle. But luckily, they all have each other and truly are the best of friends. One friendship that stands out is that between leading lady Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp. Millie took to Instagram to share the sweetest message to her bud in honor of his 14th birthday and it’s just everything.

“happy bday bubba mooney head ur a shining ⭐️ and i cant wait to be on this fantastic adventure w u. ur so cute and caring and i love you very much #nillie4L,” she wrote in the caption.       

And Noah’s response back to Millie was just as adorable. In all caps, of course, he wrote, “MILLIE YOUR THE BEST FRIEND A PERSON COULD EVER ASK FOR THANK YOU SO MUCH WERE GONNA LIVE IT UPPPP TOMORROW ON SET WERE GOING LATE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND IM SO GRATEFUL U CAME INTO MY LIFE. LOVE YA U LITTLE,” and Millie responded back, “ur the bestest ever i love u.” 

noah and millie ig comment

Seriously though, how precious are they? Not too long ago at a pre-Emmys party, they hit the dancefloor together, totally jamming out to Cardi B’s hit, “I Like It.” The 14-year-old actress took to her Instagram to share the vid, and we dare you not to smile while watching these two have the time of their lives.

Plus, they were spotted being even more adorable hugging it out at the actual 2018 Emmy Awards.

noah and millie emmys 2018

Naturally, everyone wants to know if there’s more than a friendship going on between Millie and her co-star. But no, they are just best buds and their friendship is just a pure lovefest. How cute are they holding hands?

noah and millie holding hands

They’ve been working together for a few years now, with a third season of their hit Netflix series on the way. So while fans might think they look adorable together as a couple, they’re 100% like family and are just friends. And dancing seems to be their thing, too. Remember when they were on the Stranger Things set and did the #InMyFeelingsChallenge, jammig out along to Drake’s song?

While Millie did split from her ex-boyfriend, 16-year-old singer Jacob Sartorius, in July, there’s no love story going on with her BFF Noah.

“We’re all really best friends and I think we’re the closest of the group. Noah and I have always been the closest out of everyone and I think we’re only friends because when I say jokes, nobody else laughs except Noah does,” Millie said in an interview. That is a sign of true friendship, after all.

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