Now this is a combination you most likely never saw coming! Taylor Lautner is forever beloved for his role as the werewolf with those abs no one could forget, Jacob Black, from The Twilight Saga movies. Another franchise with super loyal fans is the High School Musical trilogy and like most of us, it turns out the 26-year-old actor is a huge fan. Seriously, he’s been a secret HSM stan all this time and now, we know the truth.

Bart Johnson — the 47-year-old actor best known for his role as the one and only Coach Bolton, Troy’s dad in the HSM films — took to Instagram to grace our feeds with a cute pic of him and Taylor hanging out at the 2018 iHeart Radio Music Festival and in the caption of the pic, revealed that Taylor actually had a screening of the first movie in his house. “#WildcatAlert I was backstage at @iheartradio and someone saw me and said ‘Coach Bolton!! Taylor Lautner just screened #HSM for me in his theater at his house!!’ So had to go meet another homie. This dude is super cool. And most important… EXCELLENT taste in movies. #vegas #musicfestival #teamjacob or #teamcoach.” Bart wrote in the caption.

OK, now there are many layers to unpack here. First, kind of would like to snag an invite to Taylor’s home theater sometime knowing he plays such classic films. But, OK, how amazing is it that he recently broke out some HSM and had friends over to watch it? Taylor never appeared in any of the Disney Channel Original Movies and by the time the third movie hit theaters in 2008, one month later, the first Twilight film made its way into the world, and well, life was never the same after that. So while Taylor never got to be a part of this musical-movie franchise, it’s a comfort knowing he has a fondness and appreciation for them all. Wonder if he’ll be tuning in to the new High School Musical show that’s coming to Disney’s digital streaming service in 2019…

Also, let’s enjoy this photo of the actor and Vanessa Hudgens, miss Gabriella herself, back in 2009.

taylor launter vanessa hudgens 2009
Getty Images

What a time.

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