If a Taylor Swift 4th of July party is thrown and nobody's there to Instagram it, did it even happen? Well, it's very plausible that TSwift didn't hold her annual 4th of July party in 2017, as her Instagram is bare from her perfectly curated star-spangled and star-studded shots. And it isn't just her IG, there seems to be no trace of festivities from any of her famous friends. Where was Taylor's squad this Fo, if not at her Rhode Island mansion, wearing matching American Flag onesies and riding swans and baking cake after cake after cake?

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This is, we think, the trail of breadcrumbs we have to follow to deduce if a party was had and we just lost the invite this year. Everyone knows that Tay's been in hiding after the short-lived Hiddleswift parted ways, so it's not necessarily shocking that she'd skip out on holding a huge get-together this year. But we still needed to comb through a few Instagram accounts of her squad members to see if they were actually partying with Tay in secret (or not-so-secret).

The results were shocking. Scroll down and see for yourself.

Karlie Kloss

karlie kloss

Karlie Kloss is a V.I.P. squad member, but she was busy doing the American-Girl-in-Paris thing this Independence Day, working Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. Oof, having the 4th coincide with Fashion Week… that already knocks down a lot of the model contingent.

Gigi Hadid

zayn and gigi and dog

It seems like Gigi Hadid was far away from Rhode Island. Instead, her July 3rd Instagram story was more focused on (shirtless!!!) boyfriend Zayn Malik and their French Bulldog. WHICH. LIKE. If you're going to ditch a Taylor Swift party, spending time with your hot pop sensation boyfriend and a puppy is a really good alternative.

Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim

danielle haim

Haim is a package deal when it comes to these shindigs; the band is so tight with Taylor it almost feels like she's forced herself into the group as a faux-fourth sister. But the only trace of any holiday activities across their accounts included this snapshot on Danielle's Insta. It's on a beach, yes, but that doesn't really narrow it down to Rhode Island.

Blake Lively (and tag-along Meme-worthy Ryan Reynolds)

blake lively

Last year's festivities were made so much more magical thanks to a very bubbly and preggers Blake Lively and a very stone-faced Ryan Reynolds. We probably shouldn't be shocked that the pair didn't make a return visit this summer; Lively spent the holiday with family, posting a shot of herself and nephew Baylen Johnson.

Martha Hunt

martha hunt

Martha has been a mainstay in Taylor's life and parties since at least 2015. But there were no immaculately shot party photos from the model — it's the same fireworks photo that we're all seeing in our Instagram feed, and it could be from Anywhere, USA.

Jaime King

Ditto for Jaime King, who, although she hasn't been to a Swift 4th of July shinding in quite a while, did select Taylor to be the godmother of her son Leo. So…

Abigail Anderson

abigail anderson

Welp, this feels like a nail in the coffin. Taylor's OG BFF Abigail Anderson — who doesn't, you know, have obligations like Fashion Week dragging her down—wasn't 'graming group shouts with her pal. Instead she was spotted in her fiancé's Instagram post spending the 4th in Nashville.

Honorable Mentions

Selena Gomez: Snapped a vid of herself singing "Party in the USA," incidentally though, she usually doesn't attend Taylor's 4th bashes.

Cara Delevingne: Rocking a Katy Perry buzzcut at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

Ed Sheeran: Busy quitting Twitter and hanging out with Cherry Seaborn in between tour dates.

The evidence is right in front of our noses, folks: Independence Day was cancelled this year. Taymerica is a nation divided. That's the bad news.

The good news, for Taylor, is that she's successfully tapped into our FOMO stronger than ever. We've been spoiled by those glorious 'grams year and year, and simply anticipated the tradition would never die. But Hermit Taylor stayed strong, and now we miss those onesis, cakes, and swans more than ever.

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