Saying that Taylor Swift is a cat person would be the understatement of the decade. From constantly mentioning her own cats in interviews and songs, to starring in the movie musical Cats, there’s no doubt that Taylor’s love of felines is a huge personality trait. Keep reading to meet Taylor’s cats IRL, their names and their … net worths? (It gets weird).

What Are Taylor Swift’s Cats’ Names?

Lets’ start out with their names, shall we? Taylor has three cats and they’re all named after famous movie and TV characters: first, Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy, then Olivia Benson from Law & Order: SVU and then, Benjamin Button from, um, Benjamin Button.

Taylor explained to Time in 2019 that her cats were her absolute No. 1 influence in her life, and that it was her beloved felines who inspired her to take the role of Bombalurina in the film adaptation of Cats.

“I have cats. I’m obsessed with them. I love my cats so much that when a role came up in a movie called Cats, I just thought, like, I gotta do this,” she said of the movie. “Like, this is my calling in life to do this—for the ladies.”

She called her cats a “joy to live with,” adding, “They’re very dignified. They’re independent. They’re very capable of dealing with their own life.”

Taylor was a cat mother of one up until 2014 when she adopted Olivia Benson, another Scottish short hair like Meredith Grey.

“[I talked with] friends about it and before I got the second cat,” she said in a clip. “I was really kinda canvassing everyone I knew, going, ‘Is cats … cat lady? Or, you know, two cats is cats and there’s more than one?’ And they’re like, ‘No, three cats is a cat lady. Two cats is a party.'”

However, Taylor might be living up to her own definition of cat lady after she met her third cat Benjamin Button, a Ragdoll cat, while on the set of her music video for “ME!”

Are Taylor Swift’s Cats Millionaires?

Oh, and not only do Taylor’s casts have the names of famous characters, they also have the net worths to match. According to the 2023 Pet Rich List (yes, that’s a thing), Olivia Benson is a millionaire who is richer than all of us. She’s placed just behind Nala Cat, whose net worth is $100 million. And if you’re wondering how Olivia has made so much money, apparently it has to do with her commercial work. Purr.

Scroll through the gallery to meet Taylor’s iconic cats: Meredith, Olivia and Benjamin.

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