Taylor Swift has been in full-on hiding mode for months now. The songstress had a lot of public moments last year. You know, her more than a year-long romance with Calvin Harris and the Twitter drama that followed in the wake of their breakup, her new relationship with actor Tom Hiddleston that legit made waves before ending in another split, and the whole Kimye Snapchat video takedown. So basically, 2016 saw a lot of T. Swift and ever since then, she's been laying low. She has been keeping busy lately, secretly flying around London to spend time with her new love Joe Alwyn, and she's most likely working hard, crafting up her next album that you know everyone is going to be obsessed with whenever she decides to drop these songs onto the world. But she has kinda-sorta reemerged in a new video and she's looking more and more like classic Tay, curls and all.

Now, let's backtrack a bit. The singer burst onto the scene back in 2006 with her first every country single "Tim McGraw" and her long, blonde v curly locks were part of her signature look.

taylor swift 2006

Since then though, she has fully transitioned into a pop star and traded in her long curly hair for a short, sleek, super straight hairstyle. But now, she has made a shout-out video for basketball player Russell Westbrook, who was named the NBA's MVP. He's a huge Swiftie and even went to one of her shows.

So she naturally returned the love, literally coming out of the woods to send him a hilarious congratulatory message where she goes on and on about how she taught Russel how to play basketball.

So obviously she was totally joking and having some fun sending her longtime fan some love, but can we talk about that hair?! Her curls are legit coming through, no longer falling victim to 400 degree flat irons. They're taking center stage again, letting the world know they can't be tamed anymore. Perhaps this is a sign of the times. A new era that is about embracing the past and taking that all in to shape her future. We're here for it, along with the reintroduction of her curly hair.

taylor swift hair flip

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