Taylor Swift has gone dark on us. No really, girl has completely wiped out her Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook accounts, along with her official website. It's all just empty. No more cute pics of her beloved cats Olivia and Meredith or #SqaudGoals moments for us all to obsess over. Taylor has wiped the slate clean and, while it's currently unknown exactly why she's doing this right now we can only hope it means a new era is upon us. Whether it's a new album or she's going to do something different with her life, we're here for it. The suspense in the meantime though is kind of insane because you know we're just sitting here twiddling our thumbs while we come up with the most ridiculous reasons ever why she would do this social media cleanse. But there is an upside to it all.

taylor swift

We can now easily see all of her old tweets, at least for the time being until the people over at Twitter get rid of them all. She had a ton of tweets over the years, which is probably why it's taking some time to slowly all disappear. (Screenshots last forever Tay.) But before they're gone for good, we just had to take a look at some of the best ones. And there some are legit GEMS, let me tell you. The early years of Taylor's career were much simpler. It was all before Taylor's personal life really became something everyone seemed to want to constantly talk about and have an opinion on and she was just a singer/songwriter, excited to share her thoughts with her fans and she was able to be herself more openly and freely. For real, there are some things she once tweeted that legit never a million years she would ever say now. So sit back and relax and enjoy the trip down memory lane:

Her ode to John Mayer and Justin Bieber:

taylor swift justin bieber john mayer tweet

Two of her fave boys. GOODBYE, CAN'T HANDLE IT.

The proclamation of love to Katy Perry.

taylor swift katy perry tweet

The girls once sang together. A sight the world will most likely never see again. And Taylor said she would love Katy forever. As in until the end of time…

The casual mentioning of Taylor Lautner.

taylor swift taylor lautner tweet

Once upon a time, the former couple co-starred in the movie Valentine's Day and their make out scene even snagged them a MTV Movie Awards nomination. The days of Taylor Squared. Speaking of…

The fact that she went to the theater to see a Twilight Saga movie.

taylor swift twilight tweet

Yeah 100% will never happen again since you know, these movies are done being made.

She was once BFF With David Henrie and apparently had super deep convos.

taylor swift david henrie tweet

Who knew they spoke all about their life problems with each other?? We know Tay is still super close to Selena Gomez who used to be David's co-star on Wizards of Waverly Place, but still, a friendship with David most likely hasn't stood the test of the time. Pretty sure she didn't get an invite to his wedding.

She once seemingly ate nothing but Cheerios.

taylor swift cheerios tweet

And you know, had to let us all know about it of course.

Rediscovering a beloved TV show was a highlight of her day.

taylor swift the oc tweet

The OC is a classic, so don't blame her for this one. But it's unclear whether buying DVD box sets of shows is something she does in her spare time now. (Shout-out to Netflix and Hulu.)

The first time she ever played a headlining show at a stadium.

taylor swift first stadium show tweet

You never forget your first stadium show and since then, she's gone on full-blown stadium-only tours. Cue the tears. OK Ms. Swift, your move. This cleanse means something big is on the rise. We can feel it. Or so we hope.

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