Taylor Swift and Harry Styles's ill-fated relationship ended years ago, but talking about Haylor apparently never goes out of style because fans are upset about the pop star's recent Tumblr like. The "Blank Space" singer liked a post that defended her relationship with Calvin Harris.

"[Calvin] is the man Taylor chose to be with, I'm sorry if you live in fantasy land and you think this relationship is a cover up or if you think that a relationship that has been…dead for years is gonna 'rise' (with a dude who had no maturity at all)​," the post says.

taylor swift harry styles tumblr

Some One Direction fans are naturally a little bit miffed that she liked a post that called Hazza immature.

Other fans have rushed to her defense, saying that she mostly liked it because it was defending Calvin.

Even though the bulk of the post was devoted to chastising fans who send mean comments to her current boyfriend, Haylor shippers aren't happy that she directly pointed them out either.

Taylor has written an entire album charting Haylor, through all the ups and downs, but she also dated him three years ago. It doesn't necessarily reflect the way she feels about him now, but the way she felt about their romance back then.

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