Harry Styles and food blogger Tess Ward had a whirlwind romance. It seems like as soon as the public realized they were an item, the relationship completely fizzled out. There were rumors going around that Tess still had feelings for her ex-boyfriend which made us feel bad for Hazza. But, now, we're not quite so sure. Tess passive aggressively called out Harry and his new found flame with Victoria's Secret model Camille Rowe on Instagram and we can't but think that she was the one hurt in all of this.

Tess has been pretty much silent about the Harry situation. But, everyone noticed her Instagram caption which highlighted the single word 'besotted.' Why is that important? 'Besotted' means to be strongly infatuated with something and that is the exact word a source used when describing Harry and Camille's relationship with each other. Okay, Tess, we see what you're trying to do here.

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She posted her pic on the 'gram with the message, "I think 'besotted' might just be the word of the day. That's certainly how I feel about these garlic, thyme and butter roasted mushrooms ?."

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SHE. IS. TOTALLY. CALLING. HIM. OUT. There's no way Harry isn't going to see that and she knows it. This makes things super confusing now. If Tess really did have feelings for her ex-boyfriend, then why would she care if Harry is seeing someone else? I think it's safe to say no one knows the real story. Tess and Harry seemed like they were going strong when she was caught wearing his Gucci flowered shirt just a day after he wore it. Not only that but they were seen riding around in his car together. Then suddenly, nothing.

People were also saying that their schedules didn't agree with each other. Harry was promoting Dunkirk and he's about to go on tour. But, still, there's a feeling of bitterness about Tess' Instagram caption that makes us believe she's upset with the One Direction superstar. To be honest, though, it's Harry freaking Styles. Women flock to him all day and every day. She must have seen this coming.

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