Over the course of the past couple of weeks, rumors have been swirling that two Team 10 members – Tessa Brooks and Chance Sutton – were more than just friends. It all started when the crew performed their song "It's Everyday Bro" for the first time live on stage. Tessa, which she claims by accident, said 'Chessa' into the camera obviously being her and Chance's ship name, had heads turning. But, that's not all. They were also dancing on stage together and he even gave her a kiss on the cheek.

STOP THE PRESSES. Fans literally freaked out over the kiss. But, apparently, it was all just fun and games. However, their story, as with many members of Team 10, gets even more complicated. Because now they ARE dating. Wait…what?

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Tessa posted a video on her YouTube channel less than a week ago titled, "CHANCE MOVED IN WITH ME!!" It's here that she reveals the two are going on their first date, he kisses her on the cheek and she also claims that this is the first video they are doing "as a married couple." Their first date was in Santa Monica grabbing lunch. Sooo cute.

Okay, so yeah no they are not actually married. But, they clearly have some chemistry between them. Between her anxious giggle and the way he hugs her from behind, the way he kisses her hand in the car, the way he kisses her forehead, we can't help but notice that these two are the perfect match.

chance tessa

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chance 2

Young love! While there's no telling where this relationship is going to go, they obviously have a thing for each other. Tessa called them a "vlogging couple" in her video. The couple that vlogs together stays together. While Team 10 is known to do pretty much anything in their videos, we're hoping that these two are the real deal. Tessa even posted a video with the title, "HE WANTS KIDS…." and now we're officially freaking out.

We all know the drama that went down between Alissa Violet and Jake Paul. Viewers thought their relationship was real too but in the end, it turns out, multiple other girls were involved. Fingers crossed, Chessa doesn't implode like Jalissa did!

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