Where to start? Generation Z, or people born between the years 1997 to 2012, have started to crown their very own “It Boys.” The term stems via the “It Girl” expression, which usually describes famous women who are influential in some type of way, whether it be fashion, beauty, music, etc. However, we’re switching it up and making our very own list of Gen-Z “It Boys” of Hollywood.

One of the first people you might think of when it comes to the “It Boy” title is probably Timothée Chalamet. While Timothée himself is not necessarily Gen-Z (he was born in 1995), the Hollywood actor has starred in so many hit movies that are hugely influential to Gen-Z. From Greta Gerwig‘s Little Women to the Dune franchise in which he stars alongside fellow “It Girl” Zendaya, the man is quite literally everywhere.

“There’s a benefit to the TikTok generation that I feel like I’m a part of too: selfies and stuff, and the comfort with the camera,” he told Vogue in September 2022. Although, Timothée admitted that social media doesn’t doesn’t come without judgement.

“To be young now, and to be young whenever — I can only speak for my generation — is to be intensely judged,” the actor said during a press conference at the Venice Film Festival, per E! News.

Additionally, the French-American actor spoke to Vogue about his rise to fame during his formative years.

“I had a delusional dream in my early teenage years to have, in my late teenage years, an acting career,” he told the outlet. “And in my late teenage years, working on Homeland and starting to do theatre in New York, I felt like I reduced my goal to something more realistic, which was to work in theatre and hopefully make enough money doing either a TV show or something I could sustain myself [with]. And then it felt like every dream came true, exponentially. And then life is moving at six million miles per hour.”

From going to college at Columbia University, then New York University, then dropping out to pursue his film ambitions, and being wildly successful at that, Timothée has certainly earned his spot as an “It Boy.” Scroll through the gallery below to see more  celebrity “It Boys,” from BTS’ V to The Summer I Turned Pretty‘s Christopher Briney.

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