Let's just say, it's not a great day to be Charlie Puth.

Fans are super upset with the "See You Again" singer after he allegedly told a fan to die over DM and then blocked her on Twitter. After the world saw this going viral, people started using the hashtag, #CharliePuthIsOverParty, seemingly waving good-bye to his future career. This is really serious stuff and definitely not something to joke around about.

This is the photo in question.

It just doesn't seem right. There's no context for Charlie's harsh word and we have a feeling a young artist like himself wouldn't do this. He has always seemed smart and to tell a fan to "die" out of nowhere would completely crush his reputation.

There's also another part of the story. Charlie apparently unfollowed Selena Gomez on Instagram which is making fans freak out as well! Unfortunately, this might be true but only to promote their song "We Don't Talk Anymore" even more than he already has.

selena charlie puth

Remember when a fan asked him why she wasn't in his video? He responded that it was because they don't talk anymore. Obviously the Selena drama is all in good fun – we think!

But, let's get one thing clear, there's a very little chance Charlie told a fan to die so let's just chalk this one up to a Photoshopped hoax!

What do you think about the #CharliePuthIsOverParty? Let us know in the comments below!

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