Cheerleaders, get your spirit fingers ready because the original Bring It On cast is ready for another movie!

The early 2000s movie, starring Kirsten Dunst (Torrance Shipman) and Gabrielle Union (Isis), gave birth to a major film franchise. But no matter how many new movies are released, fans are still holding out hope for a sequel with the original stars, and some of them want nothing more than to reprise their roles.

“We have talked about doing a 20-years-later thing that becomes a generational cheerleader movie,” the movie’s director, Peyton Reed, told Insider in August 2020 when celebrating the movie’s 20th anniversary. “Particularly, with the thematics involved, I think that could be something that would be really timely. And hopefully something that would not shy away from the inherent issues of the movie. I think there’s a great version to be done, and it’s something we’ve definitely been talking about recently.”

The movie follows the story of rival high school cheer captains Torrance and Isis who compete to see which squad is the best. Throughout the movie, it’s revealed that the past captains of Torrance’s team, the Rancho Carne Toros, have been stealing routines from Isis’ team, the East Compton Clovers.

“At the time, I would not have done a sequel, because I wanted to do something else. But I do often wonder what a theatrical sequel would have looked like,” Peyton further admitted to Insider, joking that there are “are definitely ideas” for another movie.

Aside from kicking off an uber-successful cheerleading film franchise, the movie is also responsible for some iconic romantic comedy moments. For example, the teeth-brushing screen between Torrance and her onscreen love interest, Cliff (Jesse Bradford). A moment which Ariana Grande recreated in her 2019 “Thank U, Next” music video.

“It was something that we added later, and I liked that it’s a completely wordless scene,” director Peyton revealed while chatting with Insider. “The two of them got really into it, and the stuff that Kirsten did where she’s spitting in the sink and hiding it with her hand, that was really fun.”

And with the popularity of cheerleading back on the map — thanks to Netflix’s fan-favorite docuseries, Cheer — there’s nothing more that fans want than to see what Torrance and Isis are up to all these years later. Even the stars feel the same way!

Scroll through our gallery to see what the original Bring It On cast has said about a possible sequel over the years. 

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